Why Shop at Sleepwell Bedding?

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When purchasing a name brand mattress from other stores, you pay BOTH the company who makes the mattress AND the company that sells the mattress. At Sleepwell Bedding, we make our own mattresses and sell them directly to you, cutting out the middleman and saving you hundreds of dollars.

Us: Sleepwell Bedding → You
Them: Manufacturer → Retailer → You

Handcrafted mattresses Winnipeg

Each of our mattresses is individually hand crafted with care to ensure top quality production and comfort. We are directly involved in every part of the production process and feel proud to produce our mattresses locally in Winnipeg. 

mattress store on time delivery

At Sleepwell Bedding, we ensure you get your mattress in a prompt and timely manner. Almost everything we make is kept in stock at the factory on St. James, giving you the option of taking it whenever you need it (even the day of purchase!). Getting it delivered? We can ship it out the Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday following your purchase.

Sale winnipeg mattress

At Sleepwell Bedding, we offer simple and transparent pricing. You will never see any over the top markdowns on our products. If a mattress is marked at 60% off (or more!) the ‘regular price’ is usually heavily inflated and you’re not saving as much as you think. Our products are fairly priced at what we believe they’re worth, and we feel that’s how it should be.

mattresses Winnipeg customer service

Being both the manufacturer and retailer allows us to offer direct support to our customers. If you have any questions/concerns with your purchase, you can call us or visit us directly and we will assist you immediately. You will not be passed along a chain from retailer to manufacturer to customer care line and onward.

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