Tips and Tricks to Fall Asleep Faster

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You’re tired, but sleep just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for you tonight.  It can be a frustrating re occurrence that leaves you dragging yourself through the next day and, over the long term, can actually lead to illness.  Sleep is crucial to our well being and a good night’s rest is important for our health.  Without an underlying medical condition to point the finger at, generally a case of insomnia is due to anxiety.  If you’ve got something nagging at the back of your mind, it tends to keep you awake much longer than you’d like, rolling the idea over and over again.  Here are 8 great tips for helping you get to dreamland faster;

1.Try to stay awake

It seems counterproductive, but if you’ve got kids you’ll know well the simple idea of reverse psychology and how well it can produce results.  But this also has some scientific backup; in several studies patients who were told to lie down and try hard to stay awake fell asleep much sooner than those who were told to try to fall asleep.

2.No time!

Are you watching the clock?  Watching the minutes tick by and thinking that those minutes could have been better spent dreaming?  Hide your clock and forget the passing of time; you’re just adding to the anxiety and not getting anywhere fast.

3.Cool it down

Did you know that when you fall asleep your body temperature drops?  It may help to cool the room down and start that process rolling.  Open a window, or start a fan...which leads us to the next tip...

4.White noise

White noise can help distract your mind from whatever it’s thinking about and create a space for your body to relax.  It could be a fan, a humidifier, or even some light music; just stay away from the rock and roll!

5.Get out of bed

We’re not suggesting you pace for hours, but sometimes the act of getting up, accomplishing a task (hey, you’re awake anyways, right?) can lead your brain to wind down.  Don’t do anything that requires a lot of thought, but sweeping or doing a load of dishes can help to bring on a feeling of accomplishment that may just be the ticket to help you drift off afterwards.


If you like essential oils, get yourself a little lavender.  Lavender is shown to relax your nerves and lower blood pressure, so either have some going in a diffuser, or even spritz some into your bedding before tucking in.

7.Tense up

Known as progressive relaxation, this is a process of tensing up muscles, starting at the neck, and working your way down, and relaxing them again.  (You can also start with your toes and work your way up).   

8.Shut off the lights!

This doesn’t just refer to your bedroom light; our electronic devices are the worst offenders for keeping us awake by suppressing our bodies’ production of melatonin.

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