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What better way to wind down for a great night sleep on your Sleepwell mattress than curling up with a page turner! We've partnered with Annie of @humankindbookclub to bring you our first Book Club pick for the month of August. Annie's pick is The Alchemist. Comment below as you read this month's pick and let us know what you think of Coelho's international best seller. 


  'The Alchemist will leave you falling asleep full of optimism and wonder" -Annie













We'll post points of discussion at the end of the month!

About the author:

Paulo Coelho

In 1987, Coelho wrote a new book, The Alchemist, over the course of one two-week spurt of creativity. The allegorical novel was about an Andalusian shepherd boy who follows a mystical trek in which he learns to speak the "Language of the World" and thus receives his heart's desire. The book attracted little attention at first, until a French-language translation suddenly leapt onto bestseller lists in France in the early 1990s. New translations followed, and soon The Alchemist became a worldwide phenomenon. The book has sold, by Coelho's count, roughly 35 million copies, and is now the most translated book in the world by any living author.



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